Best Online Shopping Websites in Singapore

Best online shopping websites in Singapore to Lose hours on

With online shopping in sg growing from being just a convenient shopping alternative to an all out magazine like experience, it’s hard not to miss how online shops have amped their quality of images and offerings. Read on to find out which are the best online shopping websites in singapore.

Online websites in this list

Best online shopping websites in Singapore

Zalora (
Zalora came smashing into the online shopping scene not too long ago and has grown tremendously. Adding bigger brand names as they go along, Zalora in time to come, will be the go-to destination for fashion in Singapore.

Luxola (
Luxola Singapore
Luxola has grown to become the premier destination for Singaporeans shopping online for beauty products. If you can’t live without your eyeliners and foundation, luxola is the place to camp at.

Reebonz (
reebonz singapore

Fashion flash sale is what it is. Reebonz has cornered the market for highly desirable brand name fashion and has even gone into travel and cool accessories. Save a couple of hundred dollars on that Marc Jacobs bag you’ve always yearned for. (
Groupon Singapore
The Flash sale trend lives on. Grab time-based heavily discounted deals ranging from travel to kitchenware at

Qoo10 (
Qoo10 SG
Gmarket renamed. Qoo10 is a marketplace where sellers set up shop and offer all sorts of things. From Fashion to cheap gizmos, Qoo10 has almost anything if you can navigate through the mess of things.

Lovebonito (
Love Bonito - 10 Best Blogshops in Singapore

Lovebonito is a Local brand with blogshop roots pack a punch. With 50k facebook fans and counting, Lovebonito has established itself as the top online shop in singapore for women 16-35.

Special Mention: (
Flauntcc - best blogshops in singapore maybe relatively new in the online shopping scene but their pretty pieces have been making a splash with satisfied customers raving about their “flaunt” labeled pieces. Watch out for them.

Got a favourite online shopping website in singapore that isn’t listed above? Leave us a comment below!

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