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Biotherm launches Life Plankton Clear Essence


Biotherm, a global skin care brand, is launching Life Plankton ™ Clear Essence, a clear and transparent skin inside and outside.

Life Plankton ™ Clear Water Essence‘ contains 400,000-fold high-concentration Life-Plankton ™ ingredients to soothe tired skin and maintain the skin’s root, making the hot spring water feel as if it were applied to the skin. In addition, gentle care ingredients deliver mushroom keratin care effect, and tocopherol ingredient provides antioxidant energy care that brightens, cleanses and transparently from inside to outside. In addition, adenosine ingredients help care for fine wrinkles and keep your skin feeling firm and fresh.

You can use it before all the essences, and wake up the pre-used product by shaking it, then wipe it off with a cotton swab. Using the amount of cotton remaining on the cotton pad, tap once more and absorb it, wrapping the skin and finish.

Life Plankton ™, a key component of Life Plankton ™ clear spring water essence, is a natural fermentation ingredient found in UNESCO-designated clean water in France. It is a representative element of Biotherm, which has 30 years of research and eight patented technologies.

Biotherm will commemorate the launch of the new product with a ‘100% Refund Project’. ‘Life Plankton ™ clear spring water essence‘ is free of charge. If you are not satisfied with the product after using the product, within two weeks from the date of purchase, together with a warranty card If you come to the office after confirming the employee, you will receive a 100% refund.

The new product ‘Life Plankton ™ Clear Spring Water Essence‘ will be available online at the Biotherm store nationwide from May 25th.

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