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Nature Republic Releases EXO Hair Color Treatments

Nature Republic Releases EXO Hair Color Treatments

Nature Republic, Limited Edition EXO Official Collaboration Released

The limited edition collection, based on EXO’s 4th Repackaged Album concept ‘The War: The Power of Music’, will feature EXO members in comic art form on 5 ‘hair color treatments’ and 8 ‘real nature mini mask’, both of which are popular Nature Republic products.

The Exo Hair and Nature Color Treatment is a temporary hair color treatment that allows you to color to your hair with minimal effort and will gradually fade over time. It contains 23 different herbal extracts such as green tea and rosemary, and makes hair healthy and shiny.

The collection consists of 5 different colors, each faced by an EXO member.

Wind Pink – Se Hun.

Fire Red – Chan Yeol

Shine Orange – Baek Hyun

Water Green – Suho

 Ice Wine – Xiumin

You can create your own unique color by combining the 5 available colors.

The EXO Edition Hair & Nature Color Treatment comes in 60ml tubes and will be priced at 9,000won (Around $8 USD) each.

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