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What is a Peeling Gel?

Image of peeling gel on skin massaged after

What Is A Peeling Gel?

A Peeling gel is an exfoliant in gel form that usually comes in a tube. Peeling gels aren’t peels nor are they masks, the gel formula usually include ingredients like fruit enzymes or extracts with clumping ingredients like cellulose or carbomer to rub off dead skin and impurities from your skin.

How do peeling gels work? 

The ingredients in peeling gels starts clumping with oil and dead skin as you massage the gel on your skin, slowly building up as the water content dries off. Pretty much like using a liquid rubber eraser on your skin, just a lot gentler.

Image of Peeling Gel on Skin

Above. Peeling gel applied onto skin.

Image of peeling gel on skin massaged after

Above. Peeling gel balling up after rub/massage.

How do I know peeling gels work?

If you use it against a rubber glove, the clumps are no where as much nor as dirty as if you were to use the peeling gel on your skin. You’ll also notice your clogged pores open up, revealing that nasty white heads hiding in them.

How do I use peeling gels?

Brands usually advise you to use Peeling gels after your cleanser, on a dry face, 2-3 times a week. Just apply the gel and start massaging until the gel turn into clumps, then wash off and follow up with regular skincare.

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