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Time-trusted apothecary meets modern Korean skin care science. Meet the most truthful cosmetic brand that is formulated with superior ingredients and efficacy in the safest and most honest way possible. Inspired by 19th-century apothecary techniques, belif offers a unique range of products that follow Korea's intricate skin care regimen. Each effective formula uses the purest of ingredients powered by modern skin science and traditional herb processing methods. belif delivers remarkable value to the skin by applying rich tradition and in-depth knowledge of natural ingredients. True quality. True benefit.

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  • BELIF The True Cream Aqua Bomb Review
    Don't know why, I had an acne bloom on my chin in the morning... =(
  • Image of Belif Bergamor Herbal Extract Toner
    The texture of this produce wasn't what I expected. Its more a translucent gel-type-thicker-than-water-liquid-toner. Simply put somewhere in-between water and cream. It does absorb real quick and I did find myself feeling hydrated. I personally prefer a lighter toner so here's 4 stars for you Belif.
  • Image of Belif Classic Essence Increment Review
    Got this at a recommendation of a friend. I have normal combi skin and whenever I use this essence on my oily areas, my oil glands go into overdrive. It does feel great on the dry-er parts of my skin tho.
  • BELIF Milky Hydra Balancing Moisturizer Review
    This moisturizer is so light weight that you can't even feel it on your face, does not feel greasy at all and gives so much moisture. My combination skin absolutely loves this. One of the best if not the best moisturizer for combi skins out there.
  • Img of Belif Witch Hazel Herbal Extract Toner
    what I like about the witch hazel toner is how light it feels. feels so natural its so good!
  • BELIF Creamy Moisturizer Deep Moist Review
    Leaves skin soft, moist and without any scent. If you are sensitive skin, this product is really good!
  • BELIF The True Cream Aqua Bomb Review
    As it's name suggest. It's Real Moisture Bomb! It is the best of the moisture creams I have used. It is also very good and it absorbs extremely well.
  • BELIF Creamy Moisturizer Deep Moist Review
    The belif creamy deep moisturizer is as its name suggest. Creamy. Deep. Moisture. Whenever I feel my skin getting tight, I slather this on and you can feel the intense hydration this provides. I also like it that it's kinda lightweight for what it does and does not leave me feeling oily. Results are plump and dewy skin in the morning.
  • BELIF Milky Hydra Balancing Moisturizer Review
    Overall, I highly recommend this moisturizer if you have combination or oily skin. The belif hydra balancing moisturizer is lightweight and very good for those with combination skin. Though it sometimes feel like it doesn't give enough hydration, I don't notice much difference as compared to when I use my HG moisturizer.
  • Peat miracle revital eye cream
    I have tried so many eye creams and I belif this is the one. The formula goes right into skin leaving almost nothing. My concealer sits on top of it and stays as it should. Worth the money.