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  • Sweet floral and vanilla-like warm fragrance blend harmoniously on your skin and gives you a relaxed mind and body. Loving it so far...
  • I have some vague memories of Biarritz which I visited as a kid so I was excited to try this out. The scent is very fresh, almost sporty, soft, clean smell perfect for summer. But it does not last very long. It lasted like what? two to three hours max. For 116 Euros... it's abit too expensive for me.
  • I was super excited when Chanel launched their new scents. The Paris Biarritz is a very citrus-y, bergamot-y, fruity, light and earthy scent, a little bit of grass in there a very very light and earthy at the same like grassy grassy. This one smells really delicious and its great that is a super light elegant scent. I'm loving it so far.
  • The Paris Deauville has a crystal note that reminds me of the 80s. It's also got fruity top note that makes it super delicious!
  • Adding a pic!
  • The Chanel Paris Venice is very much of a fragrance that were used to smelling from Chanel in the past years and it has that kind of typical modern day Chanel. I love the white pouch that came with the beautiful Chanel box.
  • Neroli, orange blossom, vanilla, tonka, violets, jasmine, slightly soapy smell, powder if you must. turn bad on my skin. A very refined and modern scent by Chanel. Longevity isn't all that great at 3 hours but it's fine for a light summer fragrance. Let's leave the thick nauseating scents for night.