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  • ETUDE HOUSE All Finish Mascara Cleaner Review
    Very underated. Instead of using cotton swabs and makeup remover, just use this. It so simple to use and very effective even on waterproof mascaras! This mascara remover is probably best etude house product.
  • This etude house two tone is soooo easy to use and gives a nice result that last decently long... like 5 washes before you see any kind of fade. It also smells good and will sorta condition your hair.. mine feels soft after this treatment. Also the tube is also larger than Loreal's colorista! I have bleached hair and the color is just perfect!
  • Love it. Get's the job done while adding a playful twist with the duotones.
  • Dual tone for lashes! I knew that day would come! lol I got the black x raspberry one and the effect is very similar to the etude pictures. thumbsup!!!
  • No. 5 Violet x Raspberry - Cool color and very interesting. I admit it was an impulse buy but hey, etude's stuff are affordable! =) This dual shade system is unique and I really liked how the 2 colors would play with each other. I like it!
  • I'm slightly darker so I got the N04 Neutral Beige. The cooling sensation is legit and you feel it as soon as you pad it on. The cushion formula is thin and light and definitely made for summer. Coverage isn't as good as the any cushion all day but I think this is better for those who prefer lighter cushions.
  • Bought: N603 Neutral Vanilla - I like this, I've been using the Any Cushion All Day and the moment the Any Cushion Aqua Touch came out... I bought it.
  • I especially like the brush, it separates the lashes very well make make my eyes appear brighter!
  • I bought #4 black × brown and #5 violet × raspberry. It curls well, very similar to the etude house curlfix. The brush on this mascara is very compact with underside brush small and slightly curved which makes it very easy to apply. It also lasts hours without a fixer and only starts degrading about 8 hours in. If I use a fixer, this mascara can probably go on forever.
  • I have been using the etude any cushion all day and this is very similar except for the added cooling effect which I guess is a gimmick for summer? =) I suppose it would be good for hot countries. Anyway, I do like its moisturizing properties as well as its skin tone correction. It's like an all in one and I'm rather lazy.