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  • This cushion's formula is thin, but it has good durability, good cover (you will still need a concealer for the tough spots) and good adhesion. Finish is beautiful and natural!
  • Didn't know Huxley started making makeup. Thought they were always a skincare brand. Anyway, first impressions, this cushion has light to medium coverage so it will not cover everything. The formula feels very lightweight I'm loving how it feels on the skin. Finishes up matte, powdery.
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    Moisturizing. Lightweight enough for daily use. Tons of botanical extracts for antioxidants. My skin holds moisture longer, stays plump and supple. Note that this is an oil based essence as the name suggests.
  • I got this cushion in 02 Sand. Both the cushion case and pouch are elegant and not cheesy. Formula is thin but coverage is good enough. It also has good durability and sticks on pretty well. Once set, my skin looks so natural! I love it!
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    Amazing essence. Whatever is in this product does wonders for my dry skin. This has become my new favorite oil essence! Does not feel oily or greasy at all. Absorbs quick and results in a soft and moisturized skin. This is not cheap but it is a wonder!