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  • Nars representative color "Orgasm" will be released as a lip balm with unique rose gold glitter and Mono hydrating complex containing delicate pearl particles that make your lips glow in pink glitter. 3g 37,000 won.
  • Packaging - Matte plastic case with Nars emblazoned on top. Cover - Good. Finish - Moist looking. Longevity: Long. Will last you throughout a standard day if you're not the very oily type. Price: Pricey. No extra refills like the Korean cushions =(. Will I buy it again? Maybe... I did like the finished look but I'd most likely try another cushion.
  • I like the pink once it is on my lips but I am not sure about the price.
  • I am going with the Nars cushion this summer... lightweight, moisturizing and good coverage. Perfect for hot days.
  • NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer Review
    Great shade range and probably the best concealer I've tried! This product is my lifesaver when I don't feel like wearing any makeup. I just cover the under eyes and any other dark spots and head out the door. It will last all day everyday as long as I dont touch it. =D
  • This foundation has a light to medium coverage. It feels light on the skin but exactly because of it's light formula, this cushion will look great if you have good skin and it'll look horrid if you've got bad skin. Finishes satin, moist and glowy if you must.
  • Does not disappoint. Nice semi matte satin finish with a medium coverage. Lightweight and no cake. Don't have an issue with oil when I use this cushion. Seriously one of the best.
  • My favorite cushion till date. Wished they made an SPF50 version. =)))
  • NARS Orgasm Illuminating Loose Powder Review
    Small tub but the color is dope. The pink is amazingly pretty and the color comes on very strong!
  • NARS Orgasm Illuminating Loose Powder Review
    OMG. The color of this is just so unique and the payoff is very pigmented. Wish it was a larger sized tub but the price is OK. Perfect for summer.