MAMONDE Petal Spa Cleansing Balm Review

MAMONDE Petal Spa Cleansing Balm

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    • MAMONDE Floral Hydro Mist 120ml


      An instant moisturizing mist that can be sprayed onto dry skin to supply moisture and hold the moisture on the surface of skin.
      A fast-penetrating texture for instant moisture replenishment.
      Thorough moisturization.
      Moisture locking to capture moisture on the surface of skin.
      98% Nature Originated Hydrators


      How To Use

      Close your eyes and spray onto face from 30 cm apart whenever your skin feels dry.

      Product Info

      Brand : MAMONDE
      All Skin Type
      Volume : 120ml
      Made in Korea



    • Brand


      Floral inspired beauty care that brings you the hidden power and energizing nutrients of flowers. Since 1991, Mamonde's products evoke the scents, silkiness and powerful energy of earth's finest florals. Our advanced research techniques provide powerful solutions through a contemporary, feminine line based on nature’s flowers.
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