NOTS 28 Remedy Balancing Day Moisturizer Review

NOTS 28 Remedy Balancing Day Moisturizer

Basic day skin care solution for sensitive skin

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    • Inner balancing effect
      The original rhythm of skin is restored by nurturing it from deep inside, by effectively managing oily zones while soothing dry areas and leaving it feeling fresh and smooth.
      Basic solution for sensitive skin
      This functional, nurturing daily lotion works to calm skin and improves hydration level. Skin is nourished for a visibly renewed, youthful glow.
      Brightening & Anti-wrinkle effect
      Functional elements, adenosine and niacinamide, leaving skin prepared for the brightening skincare routine to follow. Also those help defend against the signs of aging and the appearance of the wrinkles.
      Passed clinical tests on acne-prone skin
      28 Remedy balancing day moisturizer passed GAASS, a visual assessment by specialists, and the overall severity grade test. The clinical tests showed significant skin improvement effects.

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    Basic day skin care solution for sensitive skin
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