NOTS Aqua barrier hydro softener Review

NOTS Aqua barrier hydro softener

Natural Moisturizing Factors(NMF) filling

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    • Water supplement
      The three types of water, ‘birch sap,’ ‘witch hazel water,’ and ‘green tea water’ hold the moisture in the skin. Best for all skin types especially dry, irritated skin, it leaves skin hydrated, and comfortable.
      Providing natural moisturizing factor (NMF)
      ‘A functional element, ‘Ceramide’ represents 50% of the cell components provides moisture, and vibrant. Also, ‘Amino acid Complex’ makes the dead skin cells less visible, providing smooth and clear skin.
      Low-irritation formula
      It makes your skin radiant with no irritants such as with no fragrance, coloring, alcohol, parabens, and benzophenone.
      Forming moisture protection films in the skin
      The two outstanding moisturizing ingredients, ‘Argania spinosa kernel oil,’ and ’emu oil,’ restore hydration and increase skin’s ability to retain moisture

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